Cannot Log Into My Paid Account

I’ve had to make a new account to post on this. I sent a support ticket but no one has responded, though, I know the support team just came back from the holidays.

Regardless, I have a different account on github with the $7 plan. However, I haven’t used it in quite some time as I haven’t had time to work on my repos. I don’t think I set up 2FA because I haven’t had a chance and haven’t cared to.

I tried logging in the other week and my account gives me the Http 500 error message when it directs to the device authentication screen.

I receive an email stating that I need to confirm my device with the provided code, but it won’t ever let me get to that stage on the browser. It always just 500’s on me.

I downloaded the desktop app and can log in with that successfully. But that doesn’t allow me to manage my account from the app.

I’ve tried to change my password, but whenever I type in a new password, an error box comes up saying that an email address is required, as if I’m trying to make a new account, a variable wasn’t sent from the server, or stored in the cookies correctly or something.

I’ve tried multiple browsers/devices, I’ve tried clearing my cookies and cache, but nothing works.

I’m thinking in the midst of database conversions n such, my account must have gotten messed up/corrupted, or not compatible with the current backend.

Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Hi @dalavin 

Please contact support again if they have not responded yet. They should be able to see what state your account is in, and they’ll be able to get help regarding those server errors. No matter what state your account is in, those errors indicate the problem is on GitHubs side, not yours.