Cannot log in to my github account with college email

Hello I cannot log into my github account with the email [email address redacted by moderator]. After graduation my college CMU disabled my email account and gave me an alumni account [email address redacted by moderator]. I am not able to access any of my college projects. Attaching my linkedin profile as a proof that it is my github account
I request you to please help me.

@francisfuzz @that-pat

@nyahbhinghiprincess @andreagriffiths11 Can someone help me with logging into my account

Attaching my linkedin profile as a proof that it is my github account (edited by moderator).

Hi @PriyaShini, thank you kindly for reaching out here.

If you haven’t already, you will want to reach out to our support team via the contact form as we are not able to discuss private account details in the public forum. There is some more detail and information on the process here as well, please take a look at this topic: Help with logging in

I hope that helps!

Hi @PriyaShini,

A few requests:

  • Please don’t include your email address on the forum. We consider that personal information which we’d like to not have disclosed publicly. I’ve redacted your email address in the original post.
  • Please don’t bump your own posts. We consider that spam and it will not lead to an earlier resolution.
  • Please don’t tag moderators to get their attention on a topic like this. We have a specific workflow that we move through and the people answering questions might not be a moderator.