Cannot load file diff for large PRs

When trying to view the diff for a single file in a large GitHub PR, and the file is closer to the end of the “files changed” list, it always tells me something went wrong. Looking at the developer tools, it seems to always throw a 404.

I just tested it now, loading very large diffs is working,

Could it have anything to do with it being a private repository? The screenshot should show that atleast under some condition it isn’t working.

I tested it in one of my private repos, it’s still working,

The repo size is very large, roughly around 30gb. Do you have any repos you could test that with? It’s also specifically when scrolling to the bottom of a large PR on that repo

The UI in your screenshot isn’t the page I was looking at. It was specifically on the “files changed” tab of the PR

I reproduced the same thing by creating a PR, it is sill working,

30 GB, is it pure text files? because even the Linux kernel with 5k contributors and an OS kernel is just around more or less 1.5 GB depending on whether it includes other meta files and history,

the first one I tested was the Linux kernel,

The PR I made had a lot of binary files added and the issue occured when you scrolled to the bottom of all of them. Yours is a single file and you’re at the top of an unpaged file list

Can you make a PR where you add the Oculus SDK and Sample framework to a folder? That was basically the extent of the PR. The files for the code I actually wanted to look at were closer to the bottom of the files changed.

you can’t upload a file directly at GitHub Web larger than 25MB,

That folder itself is what was committed

In your screenshot you are trying to upload a zip file to your repository. You have to actually commit the folder itself, not the zip, to the repository.

that is still too large, adding all the files in a folder,

I’m pretty certain that’s what was committed. I didn’t merge it as I didn’t want something that large in the repo, but it did get committed and pushed successfully. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. If there’s a file that isn’t getting pushed for some reason, just delete it and commit the rest. Since we’re just trying to demonstrate the bug

Also, I didn’t use the web interface when I was doing this. This was all done through command line git. I’d say if you’re trying to recreate the bug, you should upload the files the same way.