Cannot link a repository to a project board

I am creating project boards to group my repos. However, when i try to link a repo a project, some repos are not listed in the drop down list. The procedure i am trying to do is similar to the one described in this page.

Some repos appear in the list, others don’t. As far as I understood, only the repos where i am the only contributor can be listed in the project. But this does not make much sense.

any suggestion or explanation for this ???

A. Amory

Hi @amamory! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

It looks like you were looking at the Enterprise version of the docs - I suspect you want this version instead:

I’m guessing you’re working on an organization level project board? Are all of the repos you are trying to add owned directly by the organization account?

Another thing to check is, do the repositories have issues enabled? If they have had issues disabled, they can’t be added to the project board, as project boards run on issues!

Does that explain what’s going on?

Hi all,
I am using the non enterprise version of the docs and what I realised is that a Project Board created inside an existing repo cannot have another repo linked to it.

So you must create a new stand-alone Project to link multiple repos.

Otherwise the hamburger menu only has Edit, Copy and ‘View archive’ options. No ‘Settings’ option unlike the docs.


Hi @NickThorne123! You’re quite right!

Project boards can exist either at the repo level, in which case they only deal with that one repo, or at the account level - either user, or organization.

A user or organization level project board should be able to link to up to 25 different repos owned directly by that account, as long as each repo has issues enabled.

I have the same issue

Aren’t PRs considered as issues too? When I create a repository project board in an issue-disabled repository, I can add PRs to the project boards.
Why is it that PRs can be added to the project boards of a repository, but not to the project board of an organization?

Hi @aruke - I thiiiink that was true at the time I wrote it, but project boards can now have PRs added directly to them too.

Organization owned project boards can definitely have both issues and PRs from organization owned repos added to them:

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I have this problem too. I have an repo called experiment-video that is owned by an organization. I can add every other repository but that one to a organization level project (same organization for both project and repository).

Mea culpa, the repository in question did not have issues enabled.