Cannot include paths like "example.api/**"

name: example.api
      - "example.api/**"

This path is being ignored. Is this a known bug?

@koistya ,

I have tested the pattern " example.api/**" in the path filters on push, and it can work fine.

Do you also set other patterns (especially the negative patterns , prefixed with ! ) after this pattern in the same path filters?

There are few points need you pay attention to:

  • A matching negative pattern (prefixed with ! ) after a positive match will exclude the path.
  • A matching positive pattern after a negative match will include the path again.

No, I don’t use any other patterns. The example above is exactly what using and it doesn’t work as expected.

@koistya ,

Whether the workflow YAML file has been contained in the branch where you push changes?

When you push changes to a branch, suppose it is Dev  branch, GitHub will only reference the workflow YAML files on the Dev  branch, it only references the configurations and steps defined in the YAML files from the Dev  branch to trigger and run the workflows. And the push can’t trigger workflows defined on other branches.

If the problem still occurs, please share your repository with us so that we can check more details about the configurations of your workflow to analyze the root cause.