Cannot enable two-factor authentication

I’m enabling two-factor authentication, but I cannot go to next step.
Both way of “Using an app”, and “Using SMS” do not work. There are screenshots below (2 in single img).

When I click Send authentication code button, spinning circle spins and I cannot get SMS text msg.

When I take a picture of QR code and input code from application, I cannot click continue button. It is waiting for some response and only a spinning circle appears.

Is there any solution available?

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we have the same problem (user utagalli). Ticket #1406533 created.

Hi @berry2971 thanks for reporting this. I’m trying to reproduce it and I’ve just successfully set up a new OATH TOTP app using Google Chrome 97. Could you please let us know the following to help us investigate?

  • What web browser (including version) are you using?
  • Does this fail in an incognito or private browsing window (to rule out any extensions)?
  • Do you have any network security or proxy software running, and if so, can you disable it or try from another network?

Thank you for this information!

It solved, and ‘waiting’ was solution… at least for me.
Many retrials(upper than 5 times?) in short period might have caused problem like this, I guess.

This issue was solved without any action, but for your information I attach answer.

  • Chrome 96.0.4664.45 (64bit)
  • I haven’t tested in private mode.
  • I was not using proxy or something like that.

Thanks for letting us know these details @berry2971 - that will help in case we do get any more reports of this. If you, or anyone else, sees this again, please let us know so we can continue investigating!