Cannot download artifact because internal browser is not logged in

Hi, if I try to download the artifact linked in this comment Sort notes using locale sorting rules · Issue #1504 · stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-notes · GitHub (the artifact URL is, it shows me a 404 page. It seems the app’s internal web browser does not consider me logged into GitHub, even though I’m obviously logged into GitHub in the app itself.

It’s quite confusing to have two parts of the app that have different login information, and I imagine it would be even more confusing if I had multiple accounts in the app, and then had to remember to switch them in both the app and the internal browser.

Would it be possible to synchronize the login information between the main app and the app’s internal browser? Thanks.

GitHub Mobile v1.62.0-beta (10059), Android

That’s a good feature request, although I do doubt if it’s even possible to control these properties about the internal browsers (I know that on iOS you can’t). Anyway, it maybe would be even better if the GitHub app would just deal with artifacts directly.