Cannot download any commit via zip

A am a newbie, sorry if this is a stupid question, for some reason when I go to any repo, click on commits, then click on any commit, browse files, then download ZIP, it will redirect me to codeload.github, with a page saying 404: Not found, This will happen regardless of file, device (pc and mobile), with and without extensions, i have tried using a vpn, or simply just logging out. Nothing worked, this has been occuring for days. This is occuring on all repos i try this on, including my own.

Hi @Bits360, welcome to the community,
You can download a repository/branch with ‘Download ZIP’ or

You cannot for example go into repository commit, browse files to something like this URL
and then Download Zip of that commit. I can see this may be confusing as there is a Download Zip button displayed.

If you are just starting with Github, there are some great free Learning labs at

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Hi @Bits360,
an update, Its a bug and GitHub support are working on it

Why cant I just go into a commit and download zip? That seems like an absolutely enormous design flaw.

I believe its a bug recently introduced and support are now aware, so hopefully it will be fixed soon

Hi @Bits360, I got an update from support advising the fix has rolled out to and and example that was not working before for me now works.

Give a try again to see if all is ok for you also.

Hi @byrneh–I was moderating through the backlog of uncategorized posts and stumbled on a few of your responses. Thank you for being such a thoughtful contributor in the community!

Thankyou @tuves for being thoughtful to say so

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