Cannot create a new repo with a template repo with a larger file (> 10MB)

We cannot use a template, which contains a file with 10MB of its file size, resulting in the following:

We’re sorry, something went wrong.
We were unable to clone {template_orgname}/{template_reponame}'s contents into {new_username,new_orgname}/{new_reponame} . The template you used includes files that are larger than 10 megabytes. Please ask {template_orgname} to remove those files from the template and try again.

As a limit per individual file is 100MB (cf., it should be the same on starting a repo with a template.

Example failures in various template repos:

Hi @tnir :wave:

This is a great observation! Unfortunately, we do not support template repos with files greater than 10MB right now. You will need to remove those files from the template.

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