Cannot create a new release

When I try creating a release, I get this error:
We weren't able to create the release for you. Make sure you have a valid tag.

I’ve created quite a few releases previously and never had a problem. I believe I’m creating this release in the same manner (pointing at my master branch and creating a new release tag).

Is the system having trouble?


Found out I had to fill in text from the selection dropdown that didn’t exist.


This is pretty bad user interface design. If you type in a new tag name and hit publish, it gives an error; if you click on “Create new tag” and hit publish, it gives an error. Nothing makes it obvious that you have to type in a tag name, then click “Create new tag” before you can publish, and the error message just says “Make sure you have a valid tag” with no hint as to how to make a valid tag.


Just been swearing at github this afternoon over this. Thanks for the hints here, they got me unstuck.


Thanks, for the tip. That approach worked!


Where would I do that?

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Arrrgh! Found the trick.
You are very nice to github by calling this pretty bad user interface design.
It is incredibly horrifying and extremely careless design.
And that’s in the same year they were bothering us with the nonsense of disallowing password credentials for http uploads. Are they turning to MS-style respectless patronizing of user behaviour?

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:man_facepalming: sad to see this feature

This change seems recent. Very sad it passed through QA. Putting a required field to create a release inside a search bar within a drop down. Please fix.

I have created releases normally until August, now I try to do a release and I found this " Choose an existing tag, or create a new tag on publish", I say OK, I’ll try to enter the release title and I will be able to create the tag later, but no, I get this stupid error “We weren’t able to create the release for you. Make sure you have a valid tag.”.

Then I go to tags, and I can’t create a tag from the GUI, before I was able to do the releases in one step all from the GUI, now I need to create a tag from the CLI then create the release from the GUI. Waste of time…

Absolutely horrible lol. Had created 34 release before and then after a few months off had to create yet another one… Wasnt capable of lol.


It seems they fixed the issue, though you need to do two extra steps to create a new tag alongside with the release title. Before the release title was the tag. Life was much easier before…

Same problem, but not following this reply.

What text, in what dropdown?

I just thought the same ^^. This it what was meant:


Here maybe


this silly dropdown was frustrating and wasted about an hour finding a way to add the version. just hit return while in the dropdown.

but overall github is quite decent: fast considering the high number of users; generally intuitive for a complex system. i did find the osx app a waste of time but overall github is sweet.

This is clearly a UI design flaw. How can we create an Issue so that GitHub will fix it?

Draft a release.
Enter a valid new tag into the text box under “Choose a tag”.
Click Publish

Make a release with the entered tag.

Error message saying “We weren’t able to create the release for you. Make sure you have a valid tag.”.

Clicking “Choose a Tag” and entering the tag there will work. But that is non-intuitive because I do not want to choose an existing tag. I want to create a new one. The button should say “Choose or Create a tag”.

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I agree, this new UI is so hard to use. I have created many releases before but with the new UI I could not create a new release and was confused and frustrated by the error message. I could not understand what the error message was trying to tell me.

To me the text box in the drop-down looks like a search box, not a box where I can create a new tag.

I was even trying different browsers to see if it was a browser bug before I found this article, so I could figure out what the error message meant.

Please fix this @github!

I created a GitHub Issue #1441471

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I only notice that I had to type it to create after I took my time to look at the bring down, it had a :