Cannot create a new pull request

Hi guys,
I’m quite new to github but I’m having an issue. I have forced a push to my branch on github (Beau) and I want to make a pull request to operational-concept. I have however no option of creating a pull request:

Thanks already!

which is the main branch? operational-concept?

Make sure that you are on the right branch, there is already the pull request but I can’t tell what branch is it.

Also, when you make a change to a branch, it will automatically appear on top of the repo, saying that you push changes to a certain branch.

I think you are just confused on the navigation of the page so that you can’t see the button to create a pull request.

There seems to already be an open pull request from Beau to Operational-Concept. That’s why you have the green “View pull request” button instead of the option to create one.

The commits in a PR get updated automatically when you push to the source branch. If the description doesn’t fit any more after the force-push you could either change it, or close the PR and then create a new one.