Cannot Copy RotateText in PrintPreview Of Access


How Can Print RotateText “Rotate” 1200 Degree With TextoutA

How Can Get Currentx And Currenty Of PrinterDC Then Copy Text Into PrinterDC

Me.Print TextoutA(printerdc,100,200,“Rotate”,6)

But In Access if You Write In Detail Section And Event ( Print ) … Me.Print “Rotate” Then Printpreview You See That Text But Certainly There Is Wat To Send Rotate Text To PrintPreview And Show It

Hi @gerailly,

Thanks for being here! You might be able to get more input here if you provide us with more information about what your project entails and what you’ve tried thus far.




I Cannot Copy RotateText 1200 Deg In Print Preview In Access 2016 ( Report ) NoBody Of Access Developer Do No Know How It Is Possible