Cannot close "Marking answers" tooltip

So I’ve got this tooltip constantly open:


When clicking “Got it!” button, there is a request send but ends in 422 HTTP status code. Checked it also in the Incognito mode (Firefox). I cannot even mark the response as an answer in particular “Discussions” thread as nothing is happening after clicking it.


I see that “GitHub Help” is not working at all…

Same thing happening to me. I’ve had a question open for 2 weeks that I’m unable to mark as answered.

Request URL:

Request Method: POST

The response HTML says:

Your browser did something unexpected. Please try again. If the error continues,
try disabling all browser extensions.

However, I’ve tried 3 browsers: chrome, edge and firefox. This has been an issue for at least 12 days.

Also as an aside: kind of funny how my github username is not acceptable in the community. My github username is “john–”, which is invalid here. It tried to autofill it during registration, which made the process a little clunky (only way to enter a different name was to delete the “disabled” attribute from the text field).