Cannot cancel github actions run

One of my runs was failing and I restarted it but now it is not cancelling out even when I click cancel it gets stucks and running continuosly when I click cancel run it says You have successfully requested the check suite to be canceled. but it never cancel out. As well as it is not showing any message at all of rerunning a github actions


Seeing the same problem here:

The workflow failed, I tried to re-run it manually using the “re-run checks” button, and now it’s stuck in some unfinished state that cannot be cancelled.

Sorry for not being of any help to the OP.


Same here. When i rerun one of my workflows. Another workflow named “github/workflows/nodejs.yml” pops up with the error “No event triggers defined in on” causing the whole thing to hang. Trying to cancel it wont work. Still a yellow dot.

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I also have this problem. that new workflow just came up and I can’t cancel the other on. Did you figure it out?

I am facing the same problem since yesterday whenever I am re-running the checks and got stuck with the yellow dot. 

I have this problem only on one branch, other ones are working correctly. I tried creating another one based on that and now, from 4 checks I have 13 stacked there. all blocked because I can’t cancel it.

This seems to be an issue on the side of GitHub overall.

I made a commit to that branch and it worked. Just changed a text, something random. Seems like a force push with a new commit did the trick