Cannot authenticate for GitHub Pages on a fork of a private repo

I’m working on a private repo within an organization. The repo has pages enabled and i can access them while signed in to github.

To test and preview some changes i created a fork of this repo and enabled pages there. GitHub shows that the pages will be created and update as expected. A URL for access is given. Openins URL results in " 401 Authorization Required" even though i am still signed in.

Does anyone have ideas why this happens or if there is a way so authenticate in this secenario?

Hello and thank you for posting here!

It sounds like we may have a bug in the UX somewhere as Pages should not have been available for your fork repository in the first place.

The Pages site in your organization has visibility set to private, that means authentication is required to access the content. This feature is not supported at user level. Without any checks in place your personal fork would have been published as a public Pages site which is definitely not something we would want to allow here.

Feel free to open a support ticket, ideally providing some screenshots so we can have the team follow up for you.

Pages does not provide a convenient way (yet) to preview changes like you are trying to do. A workaround would be to create a copy of the repository you are trying to do changes on in the organization directly and enable (private) Pages there.

Hope it helps,

Thanks for the answer,

i think will keep building the pages using jekyll locally for previewing. This works for me. But that’s just too hard for our “non-technical” users, so i’m still hoping for an an easier solution for previewing to come up some time in the future.