Cannot Add Repository to Team

Does anyone have an issue adding Repository to Team in Organization?

I am the organization owner and have all permission.

I’m following this guide Managing team access to an organization repository - GitHub Docs
but in step 7, when I click the ‘Add repository to team’ button, it did not trigger any action. (checked from the DevTools Network Tab).

I tested on the latest version of Chrome and Safari.

Is it an issue with Github or an issue with my account?
I’m on Github free plan.

Many Thanks.

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I’m having the same issue. Created a new team today, but cannot add any repositories.
The “Add repository to team” button does absolutely nothing. No error messages, nothing in console, nothing in network tab of dev tools.

Tested with Chrome, latest version, with and without browser extensions enabled. I’m on MacOS but that should have nothing to do with the issue.

Edit: I’m located in Switzerland.

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Seems they already fixed.
It’s working now.

I solved by unchecking “add gitignore” option