Cannot add 3rd commit to a brunch - GitHub says it's protected

  1. I’ve created a PR
  2. I then went to the PR branch and added a 2nd commit using GitHub Edit feature.
  3. Next day I’ve tried to add a 3rd commit the exact same way, but GitHub does not let me: " You can’t commit to SDK—Components—Fixed-python-components-that-use-n because it is a protected branch."

When I use Git I get

remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (6/6), completed with 6 local objects.
remote: error: GH006: Protected branch update failed for refs/heads/SDK---Components---Fixed-python-components-that-use-n.
remote: error: 6 of 6 required status checks are expected.
 ! [remote rejected]   SDK---Components---Fixed-python-components-that-use-n -> SDK---Components---Fixed-python-components-that-use-n (protected branch hook declined)
error: failed to push some refs to ''

This must be a problem on GitHub side since I’ve managed to add the 2nd commit just fine, but not the 3rd.

They probably added a branch protection in the meantime