Cannot access repo that was transferred to me

Hello Support group,

Need urgent help with an access issue. My tech lead owned a repo and transferred ownership to me since he is going to be out. I was out on vacation, so couldn’t click the click in the email i got to transfer within 24 hours. Now the link is inactive and expired and the repo is without an owner. I am not able to see the repo in my account, neither is my tech lead (who is still a collaborator on it) able to get ownerhsip and we are not able to perform any of the transfer activities or give access to others to the repo.

I created tickets for Github support, but not getting help from them. How do I solve this and get someone to send me the link for transfer again?


In the interim, you could have someone who has a copy of the repository:

  1. create a new repository
  2. push their local copy of the repository to it.
  3. make a couple of people admins to the repository.

In general, I’d hope you’re using an organization instead of a personal account and would have 2-3 owners of the org, in which case you shouldn’t run into problems like this.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your advice, jsoref!