Can you suggest me any best book for learning git?

I have basic idea of git. like commit, branch, merge conflict fix. I want to know more about git like rebase, reflog, file management, how git works and how can I contribute popular open source projects. Can you suggest me any good book for me?


You can follow Ry’s Git Tutorial or Pro Git for learning git. Hope these books are helpful for you.


This book helped me a lot. I hope it helps you too…


Hi there.

I am looking to learn Github, i see you recommend for Git, but would this book be suitable for Github?

many thanks

Hey Luke,

The previously mentioned books focus mostly on Git rather than GitHub. If you’re looking for a GitHub specific book, I’d recommend the book Introducing GitHub: A Non-Technical Guide . It’s a bit out-of-date but the collaboration features and best practices remain. 

When it comes to learning GitHub, we believe that working in hands-on projects on GitHub is the best place to learn how it works. As we continue to build more courses on Learning Lab, we hope to bridge the gap of missing content and keep things relevant as you learn in a working Git repository on GitHub. 

I’m currently working on a course on more elaborate Continuous Integration scenarios like

This includes:

  • Creating and merging a PR
  • The case with concurrent commits to master branch
  • Reverting changes causing a failure

If I overcome current problems with creating a course, you can expect it in a week or so.