Can you please help me with what is the right thing to do with my project?

Hello, I have a project that is a Windows program written in Autoit. 

Recently google start block any program that compiled in Autoit. 

Websites that host such compiled binary have a very big risk to get blacklisted in case the program is popular.

Program indeed was popular and the website can easily be blacklisted while it distributes AutoIt compiled program.

I could just make it open source on GitHub and it should solve the problem, right?

But here is the problem:  I used to gain profit by selling a pro version of the program.

What are my options to gain profit as an Open Source project? 

Is it common that people give donations? 

The project is very similar to:

And it is better than OnTopReplica a many ways


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Many many companies make a profit via Open Source by providing some sort of “pro” or “commercial” benefits. Those benefits can be support, customization, services, and a “pro” version of the Open Source program. Providing your “basic” program as an Open Source project here on Github is a valid approach in my opinion.


You could still offer a pro version of your program for possible donations on platforms like patreon.

Where did you obtain the information that Google is blocking AutoIt? I couldn’t find anything about that on the internet.

Hi, there is no any official confirmation about it.
But apparently this is true.

Google may not intend to do it but apparently their system is doing it. The worst part is that Google will not help you.

It happned to me and also to AutoIt itself.
Some time ago, the AutoIt tool was distributed with tool called “recorder”. Then they stop to distribute the tool with the installer because the website was flagged. They wrote it themself.

If they had to do it, it must be that Google support team did not helped them. I can’t believe that they did not asked Google support.

In addition, they started to block any user from uploading AutoIt compiled scripts. They know that they have a problem with it.

There is also offical thread “Are my AutoIt EXEs really infected?”

I recently wrote there post that Google systems flags any AutoIt scripts. The moderator wrote me that this is not new at all and they also had to remove compiled EXEs from the installer.

And don’t use google to check information about it… because you may not find some autoit websites because they may be blacklisted as happned to my website when I was distributed EXE file.

And what Open Source license most of such companies use?

Is GPL licenses are my best option if I own all of my code ?

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And I prefer to solve the problems I can solve and not to waste my time

And the pro version with additional functionality can be hosted on GitHub without the source of the additional functionality?

>And what Open Source license most of such companies use?

You’d have to check out different ones. Microsoft, for example, uses the MIT License.

>Is GPL licenses are my best option if I own all of my code ?

Depends on your goals. It seems like you’re trying to preserve control, and in some ways, Open Source means you’re giving up some control. Not-a-lawyer, but GPL could give you more control, but by making it Open Source, people can still download and use your code.

Which is why I suggested the “basic” code be Open Source, and the “pro” remains proprietary. If you want to retain complete “ownership” of your code, Open Source is probably not your solution.