Can you open peoples files? Also someone made changes to my file.


I am still confused a bit with what GItHub exactly is but several months ago i was learning HTML/CSS via CodeAcademy and they told me to create an account here and upload my test site which I did. Never entered to this site after that and after I did I saw that my file has a “commit” which I believe is when someone changes your files if they’re open?

Anyway I see those changes as code now but can I load them and see how the site looks?

Also I heard about a site called JavaScript Garden and that it has a lot of people contributing with their JS creations but when I go to contributors it opens github with their accounts and even after I find their JavaScript Garden file I only see the option to download it and not to load it and see it.

So yeah, I’d more appreciate if someone could write me here how to do the things I’m asking for here but if you send me links with tons of text that’ll be fine too.

GitHub, at its core, is a software code hosting and collaboration tool. What this means is that you can use GitHub to store software projects (like the site you stored), share them with others, and collaborate with each other. To answer your other, explicit and implicit, questions:

A “commit” is a unit of change to a “repository”. A commit is created by someone, whether that is you or someone else, who adds, changes, or deletes something. So, by uploading your test site to a repository on GitHub, you created at least one commit to add that content. Even if you created a public repository, people can’t change your files without your permission.

If you want to load the latest version of your site and view it, the most reliable way to do that is to download your latest code and run or view it on your local machine. GitHub provides previews of some file types such as Markdown or 3D modeling STL files. And through GitHub Pages, you can host a static web site. But, for the most part, GitHub is used to host, share, and collaborate on source code, not run code or applications. With regard to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, there are a few popular sites for running or viewing example bits of websites or JavaScript code such as CodePen or JSFiddle.

I hope that helps!

I hope that helps!