Can you ignore files/folders when making a Repo from a template?

I set up a GitHub Repository as a template so that other people can use it to create documentation or similar.

That said would I like to make it, so that when people click the “Use this template” button, that the copied Repo won’t contain certain files or folders like the

Is there a way to set a file or similar to define files/folders that should not be copied from the template repository?

(If not, then I hope it could be considered as a feature in the future.)


Hi @andre601,

Thank you for being here. At the moment there isn’t a way to ignore files when creating from repository templates. Ideally there will be an implemented  dot ignore file for repository templates, and I’ve passed that suggestion to the team for consideration. Although I can’t guarantee when or if this feature would be implemented please know your feedback is in the right hands.

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So excluding files or folder being added to the zip also isn’t possible then?

I got this repo which has template files, these are added in the zip when the repo is downloaded. I would like to exclude those.

I hope this feature will be included soon…

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