Can you disable markdown list auto-completion?

GitHub recently added support for automatically extending markdown lists when you create a new line.

Is there a way to disable this functionality? In general I dislike these sort of editor assistance features where things I didn’t type or commit are added for me. For example, I disable things like brace completion in all my IDEs and text editors. This feature is more annoying than helpful for me.

I know I’m weird, but I’m fighting against 20+ years of muscle memory. I’ve tried to get over it in the past, but at this point I’ve accepted these sort of features and my brain will never jive.


At this time, it is not a setting available to toggle. You can do what the blog post linked above mentioned though:

If you’re at the end of your list, use shift + enter to skip the autocomplete and continue writing on the next line.

I’m in the same boat and would like a native option to disable this feature

It changes the default behavior of a textarea field which has behaved a certain way for many years.

If it was enabled for the custom list/checkboxes only that would totally make sense (because those are extra typing) but I make a lot of sub-lists and the auto-complete just gets in the way

This has been my day for the past week :rofl::

  • Create my first bullet point, press enter
    • creates a new line/list item
  • Press tab, because hey they’re creating a list item for me. Maybe they intercepted the tab/shift tab to indent easily
    • focus shifts to next element
  • Press shift-tab
    • focus shifts back into the text area
  • Backspace twice
    • deletes the -
  • Press space 3 times, and -
  • Carry on with my typing

I wrote something that I’m using with tampermonkey to disable this feature that seems to work OK:

I just guessed that the behavior was bound to a class name (I didn’t look at any of the JS itself), so I’m not sure what other behavior this might break. Please feel free to let me know if there’s a better solution

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It doesn’t annoy me enough to turn it off (or attempt to) yet, but I do find it kind of irksome only because it autoincrements the numeral each time.

I always write my Markdown lists in

1. Thing
1. Next thing
1. Another thing

form, so I can reorder the list at any time. Github’s editor is now fighting against my norms (or causing me to fight against it).


Just another vote to disable this. Autocomplete features should be optional and opt in.

Thanks a lot, Jay! I finally got around to installing that workaround and it works great so far.

Barring an official solution I’ll accept that as a solution for now.

Another vote for being able to toggle this. It’s like when Slack introduced WYSIWYG instead of letting us use markdown – but they finally added a toggle (thank goodness). The point is, some random PM/engineer’s decision to make things pretty ends up making my life harder. If you’re gonna mess with people’s workflows, give them the option to disagree with your opinion on what’s “best”.

+1 for letting us disable. I have a very 1:1 correlation between what I type to what my mental model contains. Editors “helpfully” inserting cause my mental model to get out of sync, leading to frustration and less joy when using the tools.

Yes I don’t like this functionality and would prefer to turn it off. When I create task lists in my PRs I would like to be able to copy the entirety of the line (e.g. - [ ] Test Case 1), press enter, and immediately paste it and be able to start editing the new todo item.

Since this feature has been released, when I do that workflow the new todo item looks like
- [ ] - [ ] Test Case 1, so I have more work to do editing it. Please let us turn off this new feature.

I would also like to be able to turn this feature off. The “shift + enter” idea seemed like it would be a good temporary solution, but unfortunately it still indents on sub-lists.