Can you create groups in GitHub to differentiate what the gists are for?

We are about to add a very large amount of gists to our GitHub acccount and we’d love to have them organized by groups (or folders). Let’s say we have 3000 gists, and each topic has about 10 gists that goes together. Can we then create or group those ten in their own folder?




No, there’s no way to group gists. Adding 3000 gists also makes me curious what you want to use them for, I’m having a hard time thinking of reasons to do this :smiley:

Hi @mivajenn,

If you have a bunch of Gists that need to be grouped together, is there any reason that you’re not turning these Gists into a repository or a series of repositories?


Sure, that example is a little excessive - but what about a complete and minimal example for, say a build or development issue that needs a few files grouped in a particular directory structure?

this guy Sergio Sicari did it… how? I have no idea.

Hello @moyarich. @sergioska possibly did it when he was creating a new gist. There is a “Add file” button at the bottom right.

I tried using that to embed code snippets on a website, but instead of showing just one of the snippets it would show all of the ones you had grouped together.