Can you @all team member in Github organzation?

I want to @all team member in an issue of an organization repository, instead of @them one by one. Is that possible?

Hey there @lonelykid, and welcome to the GitHub Community! :wave:

You should be able to @mention a team with the format orgname/teamname.

For example, if I have an organization called octo-org and I want to mention a team called admins in that org, I can type @octo-org/admins.

Hope this helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you. it seems not having the same effect as @one directly? e.g. i didn’t see mention event in notification.

That’s correct. If you go to

You’ll find that there are filters for “mentioned” and “team mentioned”. If you’re in a number of teams, like I would be, the “mentioned” filter is 1/20th of the volume of “team mentioned”, so it’s a valuable distinction.