Can workflow_dispatch input be option list?

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Welcome to the Support Community! And thanks for keeping the conversation going on this feature idea for Actions.

And hey all in this thread! Looks like we have quite a bit of crossover with:

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is there an official channel I can use to upvote this feature?

For or Enterprise users, you have access to Enterprise Support:

As Enterprise users’ experience will be unique depending on whether or not you self-host. And if you self-host, the version being maintained will be a big factor in the adoption of new features.

For this thread, I’ve gone ahead and added it to our internal tracker which does already contain the thread I mentioned above. There is useful information in both threads so I don’t necessarily want to merge them, unless it’s too much noise.

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I am an enterprise user, and we need this feature, request has been submitted.


I would love to be able to have an enum list type for inputs.


+1 for supporting a drop-down of valid values

+💯 on behalf of hundreds of engineers at my company that need this functionality for several different workflows. Having to use long descriptions listing out all the options and rely on manual data entry accuracy is not ideal.

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+1 this functionality will be very helpful

As with everyone else, it is crazy that something this simple is missing.

also need this feature pls

We can use this feature as well.

I agree with @moilejter-etf , it’s not a change in the API in my view (a REST endpoint gets whatever it stuffs in), but when run from the GitHub actions page, the UI there could lookup the parameters, and only present those.

As simple as @kestutisg layed out!

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I also came here looking for this! In almost every case of workflow input I would have it be from a preset list and not a free text field.

Would love to have this feature. We deploy to multiple environments and it seems pretty weird to have to type it all out, or have a separate workflow file for each environment.

+1 would be useful for us as well!

This would be a very helpful feature. Waiting :slight_smile:

My enterprise really needs this feature too.

+1! I need this feature to select environment

  • 1 extremely useful

+1 need this feature as well to limit and control