Can workflow_dispatch input be option list?

I would like to have dropdown list of input values:

        description: 'Environment'
        required: true
        options: ['production', 'staging', 'development']
        default: 'development'

Like selecting a branch:


Hi @kestutisg,

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Currently option input list is not supported for workflow_dispatch event, there is no such option in rest api parameters.

It’s recommended to raise a feature request ticket in below link where github product manager will take a review.[category]=actions



UP, i need this feature too to control my multiple serverless functions in one repository


It wouldn’t need to be in the API parameter list, right? The API parameter could still be a string - but the UI would just restrict what possible strings could be passed into that parameter when the call is made?


Is this option present at least now?

@weide-zhou do you have any updates about this feature?
It’s a really important feature for me and I think for many other people…

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this would be great to have :+1: and useful for my company as well for our release process

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Would also appreciate this!

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Came here with the same quest - very useful to simplify deployments and avoid CLI

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I’m running into limitations without this option too. I’ve been creating shell scripts to validate input and then exit 1; however, it’s very annoying to have to type out the values of the options every time

and allowed_values list property is really needed. Crazy this hasn’t been implemented yet. Requires manual input validation in jobs…

This is a MUST have feature. I also can’t believe it hasn’t been implemented yet.

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I also want this. My immediate use-case is that I want to deploy a particular build to one of my many environments, such as dev, staging, and prod. I want the deploy-a-build workflow to have a dropdown where I select one of those. Currently, I have to type “staging” into a free-text field, which seems kinda jank.

Also, since I’m associating those builds with semver tags, what I’d really like to do is have a dropdown populated by all the semver tags in my repo, so that instead of typing 0.5.50 into the “what tag do you want to deploy?” box, I just select one of the tags from a dropdown. It would be fine if I just had to select from all tags; like if you could make a dropdown for all of git objects of a certain type, like all the branches or all the tags or whatever, since saying “make an input for all tags with property P” could get kinda complicated, but just “all tags” would probably be simpler and good enough.

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I also need it to complete my migration from Jenkins to Github Actions on more complex workflows…

I also need this feature pls :frowning:

Landed here looking for the same feature.
Surprised that this is not yet implemented, given how valuable it will be for adding more flexibility in triggering more types of jobs.

+1 for this feature. In one service, we currently have 3 worfklow .yml files:

  • deploy-service-production.yml
  • deploy-service-staging.yml
  • deploy-service-dev.yml

This would be much simplified if we were able to set up a dropdown with possible environments, with dev being the default option.


Everything else I have considered/implemented to get round this missing feature is a bodge, really need this and the other common html input types i.e. checkbox, radio, drop down. But why stop there, slider, tree, file browser, etc.

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Can we get some kind of update on the progress of this feature?

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I am new to GitHub Actions and building my first one I found this page in a search to find a way to have a drop down list for input (similar to the branch drop down that shows up by default.) This feature while not a must have is certainly an efficiency for development and operations and the first feature I found missing. We are also an Enterprise customer – is there an official channel I can use to upvote this feature?