Can we use GitHub Api to create organizations in GitHub Enterprise Cloud?

I have been going through REST API documentation but it looks like API only lets you manage an existing organization. is anyone aware on how to automate GitHub organizations creation.

there is a similar post here

it’s quite trivial but I’m still posting it here, this may get the attention of moderators here and decide whether this trick is allowed or not

hi @jdevstatic ,

I did go through this article but the API is specific to On-Premise GitHub Enterprise and not GitHub Enterprise cloud.

Hi @jaspal1989 could this GraphQL v4 API mutation be a solution?
Its input includes just the minimal fields needed for set up such as list of admin, billing email, enterprise id, org loginid and profile name.
There are other APIs that can be used for setting properties if you so wish after the org is created

create enterprise organization

I have not tested myself on server or cloud so let’s us know if this solves your problem.