Can we have free private repos!

I think free private repos (Bitbucket style) are cool! 

It’s fair if you don’t allow collaboration without paying but personal use should be free!


Paid private repos not only support GitHub but promote open-source. I think the price they’re asking is quite reasonable and they also have a great page for students, teachers and other people to request a discount.


I think private repo helps github to sustain this platform. If every thing is free with no add then how to developers pay their bills. 


I might not be permitted to tell this, but here we go…

If you want free repos, you can use GitLab instead. It gives you free, private repositories with unlimited collaborators (unlike Bitbucket). You can see more here.


Or at least one private repositorio by account, like Docker Hub :smiley:


Hi @darshanchaudhary

I’m afraid our plans and pricing are set; we’re unable to offer discounts or match others’ prices.

While I know this comes as a disappointment, I do hope you decide to stay with GitHub. Aside from the tools we develop, we also have a great community for open source projects, which is a useful resource even if you’re not planning on releasing code publicly.

As another community member mentioned, we also offer free private repositories to students. If you are a student, teacher, or researcher you might qualify. You can check that out here.


Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. GitHub does not currently offer free private repositories. This is a request that comes up periodically and it is feedback that we have passed along to our product teams. There are competing services or hosts that offer free private repositories and you can also self-host Git if you have the technical knowledge.

Unfortunately, this topic has become a target for spammers, so we’ve decided to lock this topic for further comments since the original question has been answered.

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We are happy to announce that we launched unlimited free private repos! Check out our blog post for more info here

Thanks for sharing your request!