Can we gift a Handshake domain to GitHub?

Handshake is a decentralized naming (aka DNS) and certificate authority (CA). Blockchain based.

The domain “github” is reserved for owners :tada:
Along the name, GitHub can also claim 630,133 HNS (coins), no strings attached.

I’m not sure how can I bring this subject to the administrative people from GitHub.
Is this the right place?

Also, what’s the community view about this subject?


Great Subject, I hope Github owners will claim HNS name. Thnks for the proposal.

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Great idea! Whoever administrates can claim this reserved name using Bob Wallet following the process in this video. All of the Handshake core software and documentation is happily hosted on github in the handshake-org organization

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This would be awesome. I could have netopwibby.github as a domain…whoah.

Instead of we could have something like netopwibby.github/stars.

Opera is gonna support Handshake before this year is out, would be pretty cool to integrate this.


It would be dope, love to see it happening.

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