Can we create documents and put hashtags (#) and then use it for search

I am looking for options where we can put multiple hashtags on a document so that when we search using hashtags , we can find all the relevant documents under that hashtag

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking about a system for this in general? Or are you asking about some way to do this in a GitHub repository?

I am asking about a functionality using which we can put some identification on the files using #hashtag and use that as a search criteria. Something similar to Facebook, Instagram where we have #. For example, there are a set of file which I want to tag as #Finance documents, I can just put #Finance and get all those documents in the search result.

Yes, I understand the concept of a hash tag and searching.

What is not clear from your posts so far is whether you’re asking about adding hash tags to files within a git repository on GitHub or something else?

If you’re asking for a system to mark files in git repositories with hash tags as metadata, data about the file that is not contained within the file, there isn’t a way to do this that I’m aware of in git.

I hope that helps.