Can someone tell me why this isn't rendering as expected?

Only been using github pages for aabout a week, so keep that in mind if the answer is obvious.  I’m using the “minimal theme” and starting to play around with the style sheet and the layout.  I moved a blog up into the first column div instead of having it included as part of the {{content}}.  However it’s not rendering in the same manner.  The colors are different and it’s not even generating the list of posts (I only have one) as you can see.  I left the orginal blog spot at the bottom of the page so you can compare.  I’ve looked at the code and the css class=“wrapper” but can’t figure out why the output looks different.

Page in question:

It’s not a “first column div”, it’s a wrapper. And it renders as should, because you forgot to override CSS for header \> ul.

Ah, I see now that the div applies to essentially the entire page not just this part of the page.  The header uses the following css:

header {

What in this css is causing problems with the list rendering as it does in the main body of the page?

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