Can Pull requests not targeting default branch still close a linked issue?

I’m a collaborator on a repository and are the main/sole maintainer of its documentation (wiki).

We recently implemented a GitHub Action that allows us to provide a way for others to PR changes to said wiki.
In order to maintain some order do PRs for the wiki target the docs/wiki branch we setup.

The issue we encounter now is, that even tho we have closed #<issue_id> in the PR comment, that due to it not targeting the default branch, the linked issue isn’t closed on merge.

Is there any way to setup the repository to also close linked issues of PRs that aren’t merged into default branch?
If that isn’t the case, could this be considered as an addable feature?

I really see no reason why there shouldn’t be a setting (A checkbox perhaps) to toggle if a merged PR can close a linked issue even if it doesn’t target the default branch.

Hi @andre601 :wave:

A linked issue can close a pull request if it is merged to the default branch.