Can one set a custom image (icon) for a GitHub Action or GitHub Workflow? Or only GitHub Apps?

I think the answer is “no” at this point, but I was hoping for confirmation on the matter.

I honestly didn’t know much about either, but I had seen custom Icons. I just happened to use ‘WIP’ as my starting point, which has both an Action, and an App.

Items in Image: (GitHub Workflow, GitHub App, GitHub Action)

When I initially was researching (Googling) this question, I ended up at ‘’ and I miss interpreted the whole \<name\>.properties.json and ‘icons/’, as something I could utilize with ‘Workflows’. I understand now that this is actually “content” repo.

I guess I was expecting a question to be on StackOverflow or some other site by now.  Maybe I was just using the wrong keywords.

Those aren’t available for Actions. Custom icons are only available for GitHub apps.

The icons you found in the starter-workflows repository are for display on the Actions tab when people are setting up a new workflow.

Hello @mscoutermarsh,

I see that Actions from verified creators, like Jira Add Comment, Amazon’s EKS on Fargate do have custom icons.

Can you confirm that verified GitHub Actions do have this ability?

Yes, companies we partner with are able to have custom icons. It’s setup by our team.

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We are trying to publish a GitHub Action from our organization account. How could we have the organization account’s logo on the Action’s marketplace page ?

What is the process to partner with Github?

@miguelbemartin Take a look here: