Can one apply for GitHub Discussions Beta?


I am the maintainer/owner of the following repositories and I was wondering if I could have them enrolled in the GitHub Discussions Beta:


Kind Regards,

  • Cairo.
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Access to the Discussions beta for would be much appreciated.


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Any requirements for requesting access to discussions beta?

Is discussions available on forks too?

Hi @ernest-phillips

I would love to get access to Github Discussions Beta for Budibase.
Repo -

Budibase is an open-source no-code platform. We plan to launch to over 15,000 signups in a few weeks. It would be good to get access to the platform before launch so we can onboard our team and beta users :grinning:


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Hi @yamiacat and @ernest-phillips

I am the product manager of, we currently have 1.6k stars and are currently the most starred repository in the topic “climate change”.

We would love to try out the new discussion feature, as we have a lot of issues that we tag with “idea” which I think could be much more relevant to have as a discussion thread. Moreover, we think this could be an interesting complementary feature or replacement for our current Slack community (which currently has more than 3k members)

I can be point of contact and can provide feedback as needed.

Thank you!


Hello everybody! I would like to have access to the Discussion Beta but wondering if it’s able to configure for private company projects :thinking:

I have a personal project and a private one that i wish to had this feature!
Would appreciate help, thanks!

Hi, can we please have discussions enabled for NHibernate?


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Thanks a lot,love to join too! @ernest-phillips

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appreciate if discussions could be enabled for

Amazing work, team!! :heart_eyes_cat:, @yamiacat / @ernest-phillips I’d would to join the “Discussion” beta access for

Looking forward to hearing from you :hugs:

P.S. I will be the point of contact for feedback :muscle:

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Well, the repos would be those two

Appreciate all attention and help!

Hi @yamiacat, can I join the beta for this repo? I will be the main point of contact. Thanks,

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I am also interested in this functionality. Please add it to my repo.

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Hi :wave:

We are only activating the Discussions feature on public repositories with at least 3 contributors. I see what you were looking to do here, but we won’t be adding the feature unless it meets the preceding criteria.

Thanks for your understanding here.

The repository will need at least 3 contributors in order to be eligible for the beta.

Hi @wallynm , @simoncropp !
Happy that you are to see your interest in the beta! However, we are only enabling the Discussions Beta feature for up to 2 public repositories that have at least 3 contributors.

Hi @ernest-phillips

For our organization (, we have created a separate repository just for discussion to act as a Forum. While there are not many contributors to the Forum repository, you can see in the issues that we have a lot of discussions going on. We would like to try using the discussions capabilities instead of issues.

Could you enable the discussions for the Forum repo?

Or how would you suggest creating a discussion at the organization level?

Take care and thanks for your help

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Hi @ernest-phillips,

Thank you for the answer. Similarly to @msevestre, we’d like Discussions enabled for the feedback repository ( because we’re a multi-repository project.

Most of our repositories have more than three contributors anyway (e.g. So, organisation-wise I believe we do qualify.

We just want to have a dedicated repository so that we do not confuse the users, and have a consolidated communication repository.

Please consider my answer.

:wave: folks!

The repo would like to try out the Discussions Beta. (If the entire GoogleChrome org needs to be permissioned, that’s fine, too.)

I’m an admin of the GoogleChrome org, and @paulirish would be the best point of contact for feedback about how Discussions is working out.

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Our repository feedback ( now has 4 contributors. Please consider our request again.

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