Can one apply for GitHub Discussions Beta?


I’ve been observing that the new Discussions feature (which is of course still beta)
being enabled for an increasing number of open source repositories.

So I was wondering if there are any formal criteria that a project should satisfy
to be qualified for that?

For example, me and my collaborators would be quite interested to have the GitHub Discussions feature enabled in our repository for FeynCalc, a program for scientific
calculations in the field of high energy physics

This would allow us to clearly separate usage questions from bug reports and eventually
retire our old mailing list

that we currently employ for discussions.

In any case I really consider GitHub Discussions an extremely useful feature and am
looking forward to the official release.


Hi there! I’ve let the Discussions team know you’d like to join the beta!


@yamiacat I would love to join too!

@dimitarnestorov - which specific repo would you like it on?

@yamiacat :slight_smile:

@dimitarnestorov - that repo only has one contributor - I’m afraid 3+ contributors are needed to join the beta.


Thanks a lot, sounds great!

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@yamiacat Could join the beta? We’d love to replace our old mailing list.

I’m one of the developers of the Tribler project.
Our team consists of about 10 full-time developers hired by Delft University of Technology. Our product, the Tribler torrent client was downloaded more than a million times over the years.

As an academic research team, we use to discuss things a lot. Currently, our discussions are spread thin between Slack, our forum and GitHub issues. We started a search for a better way to organize our project. GitHub Projects already helps a lot, but we still need to move our lengthy discussions from Issues.

Using GitHub Discussions to host our, eh, discussions seems a perfect match.

Could we please join the “Discussions” beta?

Is there a change for to get into beta?

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@yamiacat: if possible, we would love for Flux to join the beta:

As a team, we already spend most of our time on Github, and we have been using Issues for design and help discussions, but we are hitting a point where we need a different solution. We’d love to give Discussions a try, as it seems to fill all of our needs. Thanks for your consideration and making Github as awesome as it is!

@vsht @jdm @ichorid @pointlessone @SteVwonder

Hello all, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I fell ill.

For each of those repos that you’d like to be added to the Discussions beta, could you please nominate a username for one of the lead maintainers, who the Discussions team will use as the point of contact to get feedback about the feature?

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@yamiacat, at the Tribler project, the person most interested in testing out the Discussions feature is me, @ichorid.

As far as the FeynCalc project is concerned, the relevant person would be me (@vsht).

@vsht @ichorid - thank you, I’ve passed your names on, and we’ll get those projects into the beta in due course!

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I’m the maintainer of the repo so let it be me (pointlessone) be the contact.

Thanks @pointlessone!

For servo/servo, that would be me (@jdm).

Thanks @jdm - I’ll pass the project details to the team!

@ichorid @vsht @jdm @pointlessone - The Discussions feature has been enabled for the requested repos! :tada:

You’ll need to enable it in the repo settings.

Please also look out for an invite to join the feedback repo!