Can Not Setup Course; for Cynthia in response to her email

There is a bug in Learning Lab that will not allow me to start my first course Introduction to GitHub. I tried the workaround provided by Cynthia …

  1. On the course page, click the option to Leave Course
  2. When prompted, choose the option to Delete the class repository
  3. After this, you should be able to rejoin the course.

This did not work because I could not delete the class respository (see screenshots below).

Does anyone know a workaround that works?



@burnshighline I apologize for the continued challenges - we certainly don’t want our courses to be difficult to get started! You should be able to manually delete the repository using these steps:

  1. Access the repository settings:
  2. Scroll to the bottom to the section labeled “Danger Zone”
  3. In the Danger Zone, there is an option to Delete this repository

It looks like you may have removed your GitHub Learning Lab account so I can’t help much further than this  … but once you have completed the above, I hope you will try again and let me know if you experience any additional problems.