Can not disable gh-pages even after the gh-pages branch has been deleted

I am trying to disable gh-pages but the option is greyed out for me. I have admin access and I have read

After deleting the gh-pages branch, the option is still greyed out. Is there anything else I can do to prevent GH from serving the old pages (

Thanks a lot for being here! Are you able to share the repository for your pages site?

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The repository is and the gh-pages site is I am an admin for the repo and we just want the gh-pages site to disappear. Otherwise, there is potential confusion for our users, customers, and friends. :slight_smile:

Hi @davidewatson,

Thanks for sharing the repository, it looks like for some reason the deletion didn’t happen. Please be so kind to contact us at with the info, so we can help you get it sorted on our end.


Could you share the solution publicly please? I am having the same problem and it looks like a few others are as well. Thanks!


I am facing the same issue!, my page has been deployed on gh-pages but now i can’t disable it!

Hi @andreagriffiths11,

I have a similar problem for repo:

I have opened a ticket 789357.

Do we have to remove the gh-pages branch ?


Please ignore my previous post. I managed to remove GH pages after removing the branch.

Thank you,


Hey @alexfoias thanks for coming back to let us know you got it working!