Can not create repository based on old one - No source repositories were detected

I want to migrate repository from one organization to another.
Normally, I was able to do it with that flow:

  1. I go to new organisation and click “New” button
  2. Click an “import” linked there
  3. Fulfill repository URL like (it is private so you wont be able to see it):
  4. Select an owner as a new organisation
  5. Put the name of the repo
  6. Click begin import
  7. Then I confirm my credentials
  8. And boom, I get this crazy issue:
    “No source repositories were detected at Please check the URL and try again.”

The crazy thing is I was able to do it, in the same way, a few days ago because I had to import it few times.

Any ideas how to do it and why it happened?

Same issue over here