Can no longer use github!

I was able to use github for years with out any problems. Can no longer use user name and pwd. It appears the system has been changed and is asking for a digital signature! Please put the system back the way it was or fix it. I have no idea how to make it work!


Could you give a bit more details, so people can take a guess at what might be going on? Particularly important are what exactly you were doing and the exact error message.

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Hello airtower,

Thank you so much for answering my post. I have been a GitHub user for many years and never had any problems until November 13th, 2020. At that point in time everything changed and since then I have not been able to use GitHub. It appears that GitHub will no longer accept account passwords when authenticating with the REST API and will require the use of token-based authentication (e.g., a personal access, OAuth, or GitHub App installation token) for all authenticated API operations on It appears to me that someone wanted to fix something that was not broken. BTW, I have no idea what a “REST API” is!

Anyway, I have spent hours trying to fix this problem with no success. My assumption was, generating a “GitHub Personal Access Token” would be required to to fix the problem. I read all the online documentation on generating “A Personal Access Token” several times but found the documentation very confusing at best! I made several attempts to generate a “Personal Access Token” but each attempt was met with failure, the tokens would never work! Truth is I’m not even sure if a “A Personal Access Token” is what I need to fix the problem!

I’m a Trader and use quantitative analysis and machine leaning for evaluating performance and assessing financial instruments. I have not been able to update my computer systems since November 13th, 2020. Furthermore, my computer systems have been completely unusable for the last two weeks! I’m NOT a computer expert and find myself unable to fix this problem. I guess you might say it is time for me to “fish or cut bait”. The question is how do I resolve this problem?


Probably, you’ll need a PAT with the right scopes (which you select when generating it) for anything but web login.

Unfortunately you haven’t answered the key question: What exactly are you doing? You’ll need to list the exact commands/steps you use to get a helpful answer, as well as any error messages you get. Without that it’s impossible to give a precise answer.