Can no longer run actions in any repo: "This check was cancelled"

GitHub Actions have suddendly stopped working across all my public repos; see this example and this other example. All I get is a generic message saying “This check was cancelled” with no explanation as to why. Here’s a screenshot:

I’ve checked the GitHub status page and there’s no ongoing incident. Re-running the jobs doesn’t fix the issue either.

Any pointers as to how to fix this? 



Same thing happening here.

I’m not an organization admin but I suspect we may have ran out of monthly minutes. Can you confirm if you did?

It seems they changed teams from 10k monthly minutes to 3k monthly minutes and no one was aware of it.

I think that limit only applies to private repos, but I may be wrong:

Yap, public repos have unlimited minutes :blush:

I’ve just checked with someone that does have admin permission and we haven’t reached the limit either, so it seems to be a yet-to-be-reported accident with Actions

Hi @gnarea,

Thank you for reaching this out!

This could be a temporary issue,  i notice your worflow is completed now. Could you please confirm whether it’s still reproducible?

@luisfavila , please check your workflow as well. Thanks.

Hi! Yeah, it’s all back to normal. Thanks!