Can no longer pull repo Ubuntu

I recently changed my repository to private and I can no longer pull changes down. My password didn’t change, I didn’t change or move any of the git config files. I just get “fatal: repository:’ not found” despite my not changing anything.

Recently GitHub dropped the old password based log-in system in favor of a PAT (Private Access Token), so this could be the reason, if you didn’t create a PAT and are still using the old password to login.

Thanks for the reply. I did see the update about tokens, and I did generate a PAT for full access. I copy and paste the token in and I am getting this issue.

I know for sure my token is correct because I have a public repository that I can clone, push and pull just fine. Are private repositories not manageable via Terminal anymore or something?

Not that I’m aware of. I did experience a similar problem once, due to different email being associated with the repositories, for Git can handle multiple accounts not just one, but it does automatically associate an account to a repository. Also, per-repository settings might be overriding the global settings.

These things can be tricky to track down, but you might want to look at the Git configurations, both global and for the specific repository, and compare with the settings being used for the public repository that worked.

Another issue could be credentials caching, i.e. that the password is memorized and needs to be cleared so that the PAT substitutes it (I faced this problem when switching from password to using the PAT in its place).

Se also similar issue, although on Windows OS:

I did see some other issues about password caching but I can only find stuff about clearing keychain on MacOS and Windows. Nothing for Linux. The Windows 10 PC I use to do all of the design/editing/development never had any issues with the standard GitHub desktop application this whole time. I haven’t experienced any interruptions pushing changes up. I’m the only contributor, haven’t changed accounts or email addresses or anything so I can rule all of that out.