Can no longer commit file to my repository


I can’t commit the file:
to my repository any more, since I installed the Windows 10 20.04 cumulative update.

I am using TortoiseSVN. Manually it works (using the website).

I reported it to the TortoiseSVN developers and they said it is a GitHub issue.

"It seems to me that the problem is with GitHub. I can reproduce the problem when I commit a file named “en_GB_speller_for_Mozilla+AOO+LO_2013+.txt” to GitHub, but the problem does not reproduce with VisualSVN Server. The client machine is Windows 10 2004.

Note that the name of the file is “en_GB_speller_for_Mozilla+AOO+LO_2013+.txt”, but the error message says


File not found: path '/trunk/en_GB_speller_for_Mozilla+AOO LO_2013 .txt’


Note that the plus characters are missing in the error message."

There seems to be an issue with filenames that have a +.

I have been committing them for 7 years without issues using TortoiseSVN.

Does anyone know if the issue is due to the Windows 10 2004 cumulative update or a change in GitHub site?