Can my sponsors see my address and other details?

While setting up GitHub Sponsors, Stripe showed me this message:


Does this mean that the information is shared with Github Sponsors (as a corporate), or with each individual sponsor? I wouldn’t want my information shared with individual sponsors, but I am okay with it being shared with Github Inc.

it’s just like the bank account information, it can be your personal bank account or bank account of your Org,

also for the Tax Info

but let’s wait for members of GitHub Staff here, hopefully they will comment, I’m just curious in an Org setup, how are the members being paid ? is it manually distributed ?

(Nevermind, I edited the OP)

Just to clarify, by Github organisation, I meant Github Inc., not the “virtual organisation” feature in the Github service.

I’m pretty sure this information isn’t shared with your sponsors, but the docs should be updated to make this clear.