Can login to my Github but im not authorized to make any push commits

So I’m having trouble making any push commits to any repo. When trying to push my commit, I get the login prompt and fail every time. I can login in my GitHub profile with same credentials just fine. I’ve changed my password, tried the Oauth tokens and stack overflow.
Originally, I was working with on a team and was trying to commit to my coworkers repo and failed. Then, I created a test repo and try to push a simple HTML file to the repo and failed. So I don’t what the next step is, any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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If you are trying to use the same password as used to login to your user profile (web browser GUI), you need to change Authentication method to web auth flow, personal access token or SSH Keys for working with GIi.

Use a recent/latest version of Git Client or GitHub Desktop version you can simply select the ‘Sign In with Browser option’ and follow the instructions.

Alternatively the personal access token routes requires you to create it in advance, described at this link Creating a personal access token - GitHub Docs. Examples of how you enter the token in the Git command line are provided in the link also.


Thank you for the help! It worked!

That is great news, if you mark the above post as ‘Solution’, that will help others viewing this post

I’m using Eclipse and can’t figure out how to make the push/commit work. it keeps popping up a a login dialog and i’ve tried providing user/password and user/personal access token but neither works. After entering the login details I get not authorized error.

@philtymps make sure you’re trying to push to your repo (fork).