Can label filters made to be exclusive as well as inclusive?

I  would like to suggest an enhancement where labels can be positivly added as filters or negatively added as a filter

Right now I filter inclusively by adding succesive label filters

It would be handy to remove issues by label filter as well. Show all labels except the ones selected.

I was initialy thinking of suggesting to change the check mark to a plus or minus sign but it could be as simple as just adding an global invert flag to the existing interface. 

Hi @rgjones33,

For now, the best way to submit bug reports or feature requests is via our contact page ( GitHub Staff will see and respond to those requests there. You can include a link to this forum post in your message so that you don’t have to write out the entirety of your idea again.

That said, I do want to share that we are working on a new tool and process for submitting feature requests in the Community Forum. This is still in the investigative stage, and I don’t have a timeline to share, but we are planning on improving this process.

We also recognize the desire for feature requests to be visible to other users, commented on, and even voted on. These are all things that we are taking into consideration when looking at implementing a new process.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll be locking this thread from further replies, and I encourage you to send your feature request via the contact form linked above.