Can I use GitHub's trademark for non-profit purposes?

Hello, I’m Ryan, a Korean developer.

I would like to conduct an open source project related to GitHub.

For all developers in Korea and also those who use KakaoTalk, we plan to develop a bot that sends notifications to KakaoTalk, a messenger used by most Koreans, using GitHub’s web hook.

In this case, can I use GitHub’s trademark(name) and logo?

The project will be conducted as a non-profit open source.

Thank you.

(Sorry for my poor English skills)

Hey and welcome @ryankwondev !

If you need legal advice, do not consult a bunch of strangers on an internet forum but rather talk to a lawyer. They are the only people qualified to provide you with trustworthy legal advice. I am not a laywer.

Having said that, GitHub themselves published something regarding this - maybe it’s helpful?