Can I use GitHub Pages to host my blog?

I’m trying to put together a new blog and I found out about github pages from a friend and I think I want to use it for my blog. Can I do this? How do I use github pages for a blog?


:wave: Great question, yes you can! I recommend it because it’s easy to get going and get your blog live. Plus, it’s free to host your static site :money_mouth_face: There are some great articles that help you get started. The GitHub Pages main site will walk you through set up by asking you questions as you scroll down:

@benbalter also wrote a nice, succinct post on how to get started:

There are also really great tools like Jekylland HubPress that help you build and manage your GitHub Pages site.

Here are some articles for these tools too:

Hope these help! Can’t wait to see your blog :smiley:

Happy Coding!


@tzmanics Wow! Thank you so much for all this information. this is so helpful.