Can I use GitHub as free unlimited cloud storage? or is this only with bitbucket possible?

hello and good evening github experts,

Can I use GitHub as free unlimited cloud storage?

well i guess no

btw: I have found out the following:

**conclusion:** well - i guess that the github folders are public unless to pay for service?

**but wait:** What about Bitbucket:

this seems to be a good idea - Bitbucket has free private repos.

love to hear from you


Paid accounts vs. free accounts

Free accounts can create an unlimited amount of public repositories. This is great for, for example, open source projects. This does indeed mean the content of the repository is publicly availible. If you have a paid acount you can, in addition to creating unlimited public repositories, also create unlimited private repositories. The contents of these repositories remain private.

Disk quota per repository

Actually, the article stated it all - but just to summarize: no, you can’t upload your entire 1,5TB movie library to a repository. However, if you use GitHub for what it is intented to do - collaborate on code, you are  very unlikely to it any limit at all, ever.

GitHub as a backup tool?

GitHub is intented to collaborate on code. As stated above, if you don’t abuse it for other things like using it as a cloud service you won’t hit any limits.


One difference with GH is that they do offer private repos, but they also have a fair usage policy and they also won’t allow you to use it as a cloud service.

But I need a cloud service!!

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • etc.


GitHub is no cloud service.


I use it for cloud storage in a way.

Things like bash profiles, program settigns, notes, custom scripts etc etc. Not really for colaboration purposes and totally for my own personal needs.

Its perfect for syncing your own personal configs and tools and notes across multiple machines or even sharing with co-workers and friends.

I guess you could get away with using a private repo for storing documents but I’d avoid using it for large image colelctions or any media content of any kind.

There are plenty of free alternatives that are way better than git hubfor those purposes .


Hello I am planning to work on open source project so we will need thousands of gb or tb to work so is their any limit for storing files like I see that you can make unlimited repos but it’s not written anywhere how much storage is their in one repo? Does 1 repo includes unlimited storage?

See the documentation on repository size limits:

We recommend repositories remain small, ideally less than 1 GB, and less than 5 GB is strongly recommended. Smaller repositories are faster to clone and easier to work with and maintain. If your repository excessively impacts our infrastructure, you might receive an email from GitHub Support asking you to take corrective action.

Its written recommended so I can still go above 5gb right?

Hello anyone please reply ?