Can I run a service from a private docker package in GitHub Actions?

I tried it, but I get the error message that I didn’t provide basic auth, which makes sense, because it’s supposed to be private.

Now…can I somehow provide authentication in my service declaration or globally in the workflow?

If not, what is the supposed workflow to do any kind of API/integration/end-to-end testing where your app is running alongside a database and in the job you are doing the actual testing, for example with Newman or some other automated API testing tool?

Typically use encrypted secrets to set password globally and use it for authentication. Details here: How do you authenticate the private docker package? You can use dockerfile in private repo instead, and then check out in the new repo to build docker image. Use command to execute API/integration/end-to-end testing then.

I don’t see how that would help me. Maybe I just don’t understand it. Can you be a little bit more specific?

If you put the docker image in private package register, you can refer to this link for details.

It’s recommened to share more details about your repo, for intance, an repo example can repro the error. It will be helpful for further investigation. Thanks.